Million Dollar Listing New York

Million Dollar Listing New York is an American reality series that first aired on the Bravo television network. The show follows real estate agents selling high-end properties. The series, presented in one-hour episodes, gives viewers an inside...

Duration:43 mins

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Season 1 - Million Dollar Listing New York
"Now that he's a married man, Fredrik returns to Manhattan and lands a listing with one of the biggest names in real estate history: Trump! Luis, meanwhile, has staged his listing on Charles St. and has a new plan to find a perfect \"match\" for the apartment. And Ryan has a new client on the Upper West side, but it's hard for him to concentrate on business after Fredrik lied to him during their deal at Bowery. There's only one way for this season to end: an all-out revenge plot unlike anything the real estate world has ever seen."
"Now that Ryan's cleaned up Adrianna's apartment, he has to find a way to sell it... even if that means learning a new language. The stress of Michael blowing his first major deal doesn't ease up with his new listing, which results in him hiring masseuses for his open house. Fredrik's past success with a former client has her seeing dollar signs but perhaps too many because now she wants to sell her current apartment for a million dollars more than he anticipated."
"Fredrik lands an entire building from one of New York City's most prolific developers, but there's just one catch -- the project is still under construction and he's trying to sell the units before they reach completion. Ryan picks up a listing in Gramercy Park and hopes to prove that his youth and energy will be a good fit in this old and conservative neighborhood. Michael makes the fateful call that will determine if he sells $30 million worth of apartments in Trevor's building or if he ends up with nothing."
"Fredrik lines up a private showing for his project on Washington St. and quickly realizes that one couple may be his key to selling 30 percent of the entire building. Michael lands a listing with Fredrik's current client, Zach Vella, and is happy to be representing some units on his home turf: Park Avenue on the Upper East Side. Ryan represents a buyer who's an up-and-coming financial trader, but things aren't as easy as they look, the client has a very unique pet that's going to be a tough sell to any building's owner."
"Zach Vella is frustrated by Michael's lack of progress at the Park Avenue building, and brings in another real estate agent to help out. Unfortunately for Michael, that agent may be more foe than friend. Ryan concocts a plan to photograph models for his sexy new rental located in Chelsea, but now he just has to figure out a way not to fall head-over-heels for one of them."
"Michael, upset over his treatment by Fredrik on their co-listing, calls a lunch meeting to sort out their problems so they can move forward. Things go awry, however, when Fredrik defends his actions, arguing that nothing matters to him except selling the apartment. That leaves Michael faced with a tough decision: cut his losses and move on, or stay teamed-up with someone he feels is a bully. Ryan, meanwhile, has an out-of-town married couple as his new clients. What should be an easy jaunt around the city looking at apartments quickly turns into a never-ending search ..."
"Now that Michael's moved on from Fredrik, he's trying to prove himself at his new Jean Nouvel building by turning a low offer into a potential sale. Uptown, Ryan makes a last ditch effort to appease Nick and Penelope, and this time he's come prepared with a secret weapon. Fredrik has enormous confidence that he can sell the apartment belonging to his new client, Tim. However, finding him a new place in an ultra-modern building may be the one thing that leads Fredrik and Michael to cross paths once again."
"Fredrik returns home to Sweden to check on his personal company, mentor his brokers, visit his family and, of course, to sell some real estate. Michael lands his biggest listing yet, a townhouse in the West Village. However, if he wants to prove himself to the developer, he needs to show how much he's recently learned. And speaking of big listings, Ryan gets a $25 million Soho apartment that's more palace than penthouse. In his quest to market it creatively, he throws a Fashion Week party there which suddenly spirals out of control."
"Michael tries to sell his biggest listing of the season by throwing a carnival-themed open house. Hopefully for him, some kids show up before his plan backfires. Ryan does everything he can to get his Fashion Week party under control so that the owner, Ken, won't yank him off this $25 million apartment. Fredrik, meanwhile, uses a new Gramercy listing to try and mentor his junior broker, Justin. Things get really stressful for Fredrik when Ryan walks through the door of his open house and they have their biggest and most dramatic confrontation yet."
Season 2 - Million Dollar Listing New York
"Season Two of America's most exciting real estate show starts with a splash. Literally. When Fredrik gets a $17-million dollar Tribeca townhouse, Ryan sabotages his open house by jumping into the swimming pool. Meanwhile, new agent Luis D. Ortiz tries to make a mark in Manhattan by finding an unlisted, off-market property for a potential client. Ryan attempts to resurrect a dead listing with a surprising new strategy: by raising the listing price!"
"When Ryan and Luis list units in the same building, things get competitive. Upon their first meeting, Ryan insults Luis and Luis retaliates by stealing clients from Ryan's open house. Fredrik is struggling to sell the Marble House and just when he's got a lead, Hurricane Sandy strikes. Before the lights come back, the agents will learn a thing or two about their business, and their lives."
"With Hurricane Sandy now past, the sun is shining and deals are being made...or are they? Luis gets the first townhouse of his young career, but is horrified to find that most of the d\u00c3\u00a9cor is older than he is. Meanwhile, Fredrik is minutes away from doing a deal when a minor technicality threatens to derail the whole sale. And downtown, Ryan has no problem selling an apartment for a nice, sweet grandmother, but when he struggles to find her a new place, this senior citizen gets picky...and prickly."
"Fredrik and Luis have listing opportunities for new developments on the same exact street, but only one of these agents escapes making a commission. Across town, Ryan is back at his old stomping ground, selling at the Park Imperial, but familiarity does not guarantee sales. When his new client puts enormous restrictions on the unit, Ryan is forced to get more creative than ever."
"After failing to nab a whole building, Luis is back to listing apartments. With his client needing to sell her apartment fast, Luis must first tame her three-year old son to behave at the open house. Ryan's also on damage control, hoping to calm his client, after Pat finds out about the music video. And thanks to his quick sale at 46 Lispenard, Fredrik gets the listing next door at 50 Lispenard."
"Fredrik takes Luis up on his offer to meet over drinks, and they instantly bond over their shared passion for real estate. Fredrik even offers Luis a co-list in his current development, a listing Luis once hoped to land. Things don't stay friendly, though, as soon as Fredrik sees he's dealing with a loose cannon."
"Ryan pays a visit to one of his old fraternity brothers who holds the key to a big commission check, but Ryan's little 'brother' only has one thing on his mind...fraternal revenge. Meanwhile, Luis meets with a Puerto Rican client who does not fall for his 'Puerto Rican' charm. And Fredrik works his magic downtown on yet another big developer."
"This week, Ryan tries to rescue the sale of his fraternity brother's apartment by going to all corners of the Earth to find a buyer. Luis, meanwhile, tries to win over his difficult-to-please client, Mari. Now that Fredrik put the finishes into Edmund's building, he's feeling the pressure to sell the first unit."
"When Luis runs into a seller who over-prices her listing, he reaches deep into his bag of tricks, including a movie camera! Meanwhile, Fredrik lands the biggest listing of his entire career, and every broker in the city has a client who wants an apartment there...even Ryan. How much will Ryan suck up to Fredrik to make his buyer happy?"
"When Ryan hears that Fredrik's upped the prices on the Bowery units, he nearly loses all restraint...but that's just the beginning of his bad week. Meanwhile, Luis is on the hunt to find a lasting partnership as he's learned teaming up brings the big money."
"Luis lands one of the biggest listings of the season when he's asked to team up on a Richard Meier designed unit. Ryan continues to struggle with co-lister, Jill, and realizes some mistakes even he might not be able to fix. In the Florida Keys, Fredrik and Derek have rented an entire island for their wedding. Can Fredrik actually leave his work behind in New York City?"
Season 3 - Million Dollar Listing New York
"Frederick finds his dream listing with a nightmare seller; Ryan takes on an expensive, unique apartment: Luiz finds himself in an unfortunate pairing."
"Ryan takes on another, less attractive apartment; Luis tries to get Todd into shape; Fredrick focuses on his new, high-fee listing &:runs into Ryan."
"Fredrick faces more roadblocks; Luis has an incredible opportunity; Ryan deals with an emotional seller."
"Fredrik tries to land the biggest listing of his career; Ryan deals with an emotional seller."
"Luis' overachieving nature may drive away his seller; Fredrik learn to deal with delicate egos; Ryan finds himself in an eerie townhouse."
"Two VIPs engage Fredrik in price tag tug of war; Luis' client has a big secret."
"A bombshell is dropped on Luis; Fredrik learns a hard lesson; Ryan goes to Los Angeles."
"Luis travels to Puerto Rico with his New York clients; Fredrik's client pressures him for a high return on a penthouse."
"Ryan shoots his Michael Bay-style trailer for a listing; Fredrik represents a new Brooklyn developer."
"For the first time ever in Million Dollar Listing history, the wolves of New York real estate, Fredrik Eklund, Luis D. Ortiz and Ryan Serhant, sit down with host, Andy Cohen, to discuss some of the craziest antics and most-talked moments from this season."
Season 4 - Million Dollar Listing New York
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"Ryan's boss needs a broker and he thinks Ryan is just the guy to sell his apartment along with that 400-piece art collection he recently bought. Fredrik scores the biggest single-unit listing of his career. Meanwhile, Luis must play referee between a high stakes negotiation between a buyer and seller."
"Fredrik targets Chinese buyers in an attempt to sell a $35 million listing in the prestigious Time Warner Center, but despite his best efforts, he's coming up against a great wall. Old friends come knocking with a new listing in Harlem and Luis is ready to party, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like buyers got the invite. Ryan, on the other hand, is the proud recipient of a very special delivery, one he puts to good use."
"The \"Twin Towers\" of real estate stand united for the first time as Fredrik invites Ryan to co-list a new penthouse in Chelsea. Fredrik is ready to be fast-friends, and maybe something more? Ryan is skeptical enough to keep other irons in the fire, courting a Russian businessman with a penchant for luxury real estate and long legs. Luis scores an offer on his townhouse in Harlem."
"Fredrik and Ryan's chummy relationship is tested, both personally and professionally as Fredrik and his husband, Derek, surprise Ryan's fianc\u00c3\u00a9e, Emilia, with a provocative request as business complications threaten to derail Fredrik and Ryan's co-list. At the same time, it's a race to the finish line with Ryan's Russian buyer, Arty. Luis, meanwhile, is painting a beautiful picture out of his new listing after learning the apartment once belonged to a famous artist."
"Fredrik's reputation, and 22.5 million dollar price-point, is on the line when his developers threaten to back out of the premium finishes they promised. On his latest project, Ryan is reunited with a familiar blonde who it seems still wants him to put a ring on it. Across the bridge, in Brooklyn, Luis is in hot pursuit of one of the city's top developers. But will that developer's icy assistant freeze him out?"
"Ryan tries to close the biggest deal of his life and he plans on sealing this one with a kiss. A winter wonderland awaits Fredrik in his native Sweden but will this trip have a fairytale ending? Luis has the finish line in sight on his townhouse in Brooklyn, but an unexpected twist throws him for a loop."
"Dogsledding and snowball fights are all part of the pitch as Fredrik tries to fetch a record-setting price for the mountain-top home he's come to Sweden to sell. However, it's the outcome of another far more personal pitch that could affect Fredrik's future in a way that no real estate transaction ever could. Ryan gives former assistant and rookie broker, Olivia, a shot at the big leagues only to find himself calling foul after her first at-bat. Luis looks golden after a quick sale, but it doesn't take long for the shine to wear off."
"Luis' search for a missing broker comes to an unexpected end and the results have a profound effect on him. The developers on Fredrik's 22.5 million dollar penthouse are holding his feet to the flames, but who ultimately gets burned? The time has come to sell a penthouse and settle a bet between Ryan and Olivia."
"A re-energized Luis reaches out to old friends in an effort to close a deal that painfully eluded him before. Fredrik wants a new 300-million dollar project so bad he can taste it, but the number one broker in the city will be put to the test, having to beat out the competition if he wants to win the exclusive rights to this one. Meanwhile, Ryan is busy trying to sell a two-bedroom apartment with an eight figure price-tag when he's blindsided by news from fianc\u00c3\u00a9, Emilia."
"In an attempt to bolster interest in his new West Side development, Fredrik takes buyers on a Hudson River cruise, but he and husband, Derek, come back ashore with more than they bargained for. Meanwhile, further uptown, Luis and a developer he knows well embark on an ambitious buyout in their attempt to create one massive 25 million dollar unit overlooking Central Park. But will a holdout, gleefully represented by Ryan, stop them dead in their tracks?"
"Luis hatches a plan to lure Ryan back to the negotiating table after the two reach a stalemate over Luis' attempted buyout of Ryan's client at 230 Central Park South. If Luis fails, so do his efforts to create a full-floor unit worth 25 million dollars. Ryan tries to salvage another deal that fell through after the buyer of his eight-figure townhouse in Soho was unexpectedly arrested. Meanwhile, Fredrik stops at nothing to impress a particularly important client as he tries to sell out his latest development, a 100-million dollar waterfront project helmed by old ..."
Season 5 - Million Dollar Listing New York
"Luis will do anything to solidify his standing as a major player in the new development world, even if it means teaming up with an old rival. Fredrik looks outside Manhattan for a spark of inspiration, but struggles with the aftermath of devastating news. Meanwhile, in the East Village, Ryan tries to lure brokers to an out-of-the-way listing with an out-of-the-box idea."
"At the Metropolitan Tower, Luis and Ryan find co-operating on their co-listing to be co-mplicated. And when Ryan's fianc\u00c3\u00a9e Emilia gets in the middle, it teeters from deal to deal breaker. Meanwhile, downtown, Fredrik lands a heavenly NoHo listing, but soon finds out it has a hellish downside."
"Ryan pushes his luck with a downtown duplex by trying a new pricing strategy...problem is, he's also trying the buyers' patience. Fredrik lands in deep water when he promises a buyer something his building developer might not be able to deliver. Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, Luis and a new co-lister dig a hole they might not be able to borough out of."
"Fredrik reunites with an old client in Williamsburg, but when she changes plans at the last minute, his launch struggles to lift-off. A few blocks away, Luis hopes to repair his rocky relationship with a rebellious co-lister. Meanwhile, on the Upper West Side, Ryan tries tackling an enormous townhouse that may be too big for most New both size and price."
"A phone call gives new life to Fredrik on a development, but it comes with a catch he never saw coming. Ryan bends over backwards to accommodate a potential buyer, and gets zero bend in return. Downtown, Luis is given first dibs on a hot new building in Tribeca but he soon learns that being first can sometimes be the last thing you need."
"For a new development in NoHo, Fredrik wigs out and summons the spirit of a dead icon. After a failed first shot at a new building, Luis aims for a rebound by chasing down one of New York City's biggest developers. Meanwhile, in the Flatiron District, Ryan picks up a penthouse with a difficult price tag...and an even more difficult co-lister."
"Ryan's relationship with his co-lister hangs by a thread, prompting him to try something new; Luis finds himself caught in the middle while trying to please a married couple; Frederick hopes a rival will save him after the developer raises prices."
"Luis lands a listing with a former broker who helped launch his career but finds that old friendships bring new expectations. Fredrik struggles to sell a penthouse in Tribeca that comes with a 30 million dollar price tag...and an equal amount of challenges. Meanwhile in East Village, Ryan tries to save his skin after showing too much of someone else's in a marketing campaign."
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"Luis faces an emotional crossroads and considers an unexpected path with his business. Downtown, Fredrik tries to cash in on a NoHo loft that once was the site of the country's largest bank robbery. Meanwhile in Tribeca, Ryan tries to succeed where Fredrik couldn't....unfortunately for him, he may face the same gloomy fate."
"Ryan lands a building in the culturally artistic neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, forcing him to trade in his suit for a more unique outfit. Luis' idea of having a business partner gets more complicated when an open house challenges him to think about his future. Meanwhile, Fredrik goes to London to try and sell 25% of his new development in Seaport....unfortunately for him, the British brokers don't see anything to high kick about"
"Luis hopes to land a new building on Park Avenue South, while also trying to figure out what's been confusing him for the last few months. Meanwhile, Ryan goes after the one listing that got away from him this year. Fredrik tries to sell his building on two separate continents...unfortunately for him, when he returns home, Ryan shows up at his launch party."
"Ryan Serhant has negotiated his way through several tough deals throughout his life, but none of them have prepared him for his upcoming wedding. With only a few months to go before they leave for Greece, Ryan and Emilia realize that they may have been too optimistic when deciding to plan their special day on their own. Ryan's new building in Greenpoint is occupying all of his time, and Emilia becomes overwhelmed with a growing to do list. When Ryan's work starts to take total precedence over his life, everything becomes complicated...including their relationship."
"Ryan and Emilia's nuptials are rapidly approaching, but there isn't much love in the air at the moment. Ryan's work has gotten in the way of him participating in the planning, and a trip to Wisconsin to see his grandmother for her 90th birthday couldn't have come at a worse time. Once they return to New York City, his listing continues to interfere with their relationship. Ryan quickly realizes that if he doesn't change something big -- and soon -- he could lose Emilia forever."
"Ryan and Emilia's wedding is scheduled to take place in just a couple of days, but not everything is on track. The church calls the couple with heart-stopping news, and when Emilia looks for Ryan to help solve the problem, he's on the opposite side of the island carrying out his secret mission. Only time will tell if everything will get resolved...and if Emilia will forgive Ryan for being absent. Will this be a wedding to remember - or a week to forget?"
Season 6 - Million Dollar Listing New York
"Big changes are in store for season six, with one agent newly married, one agent newly spiritual, and one agent...well, NEW. Former fashion-model turned super-successful-agent Steve Gold joins the cast. Ryan has little time for the honeymoon phase with Emilia as he plans on expanding into Brooklyn. Fredrik is becoming a calmer agent....that is, until he meets a Tribeca seller who won't negotiate."
"Ryan and his Brooklyn team are selling as many houses as they can, but things get more difficult when he discovers he might have to sell one twice. In order for Fredrik to land a building in SoHo, he has to prove that he's done his homework. Steve wonders if he's become more of a babysitter than real estate agent, when some of his younger clients refuse to behave."
"When a seller demands Ryan remove his team member from a listing, he hatches a plan. Steve lands an opportunity to sell an amazing penthouse, but he has to go against his #1 rule. Fredrik and Ryan reconnect with Luis."
"Fredrik lands a building with $400 million dollars in potential sales....but his boss thinks he may have over-promised in order to get it. Ryan realizes that when you have two sellers, you can't please one without making the other upset. Steve gets a list of demands from a broker and makes one of his own."
"In the hopes of selling a $20 million unit in his new mega-tower, Fredrik calls on everyone he knows...including reaching out to a blast from the past - seasoned agent Michael Lorber. Ryan goes toe-to-toe with his buyer's wingman - social media influencer The Fat Jewish - on a number of showings. Meanwhile, Steve quickly realizes that when you mix business with friendship, you may end up with neither in the end."
"When Ryan lands a $25 million dollar listing in Tribeca, he calls upon his most intense (and most affectionate) team member for help. Fredrik is busy selling a project downtown that he's been working on for years, but will one decision threaten his relationship with the developer? In Chelsea, Steve's listing for his friend Sam continues to have problems...but it's nothing compared to his dating life."
"When a seller demands Ryan remove his team member from a listing, he hatches a plan. Steve lands an opportunity to sell an amazing penthouse, but he has to go against his #1 rule. Fredrik and Ryan reconnect with Luis."
"Fredrik begins questioning the effects of gentrification. Ryan starts to doubt his sales strategy. Steve's co-lister tests his patience, nerves, and even his bicycling skills."
"Steve works to convince potential buyers that the only thing better than their apartment is his listing right above it. A prominent developer is hesitant about giving Ryan a building...but not about embarrassing him at a party. Fredrik continues to forge a bond with the East Village and its residents...particularly his driver, Alberto."
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"Steve proves that you can go home again. Fredrik has a strategy for his new building...but to accomplish it, he's going to need his passport. Ryan tries to break out of his rut by befriending a quirky apartment owner, only to find the rug pulled out from under him...literally."
"Fredrik's launch in Paris is going according to plan until an ambitious broker tries to stake his claim with the developer. Ryan heeds his seller's advice and contemplates a risky new career move and Luis makes an emotional revelation concerning his life in Paris."
Season 7 - Million Dollar Listing New York
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"Steve's world is turned upside down when his brokerage shutters without warning, leaving the Gold Group without a home. Fredrik heads to St. Lucia after he gets tapped to market stunning beachfront villas to wealthy New Yorkers."
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